Dealing with the different subspecies of medical marijuana can be difficult to determine which type of cannabis is which. There are two primary subspecies of medicinal marijuana: sativa and indica. While hybrid strains that blend these two types of cannabis have grown significantly popular, sativa and indica have been the main varietals of marijuana for thousands of years. But what are the differences between these two unique subspecies of cannabis?

indica and sativa marijuana

Appearance of plants

One of the easiest ways to determine if a medicinal marijuana plant is sativa or indica is by observing the look of each subspecies. Sativa plants tend to be taller with loose branches and long, narrow leaves. Sativa plants also can reach upwards of 20 feet and are typically found outdoors.

Meanwhile, indica plants can be identified by their many branches, wide leaves and short appearance. Unlike sativa seedlings, indica plants are most commonly grown indoors.

Differing effects

Aside from appearance, the simplest way to distinguish sativa and indica plants is by their effects when consumed. Each subspecies offers medical marijuana patients unique effects that help to define the type of cannabis that is being consumed. Sativa plants can be recognized by their energetic and reviving abilities, making users feel more awake and refreshed. This plant is best consumed during the day, as it can promote productivity and motivation.

Indica plants on the other hand, are known for their calming and relaxing effects. Users of strains of indica plants have praised their ability to impact the body, with some medicinal marijuana patients referring to this type of subspecies as “inda-couch.” This plant is thought to be best for nighttime use, as it can often send patients straight to bed.

Genetic differences

Another way to tell these subspecies apart is by looking at the genetic differences and CBD levels between the two plants. Indica plants have a higher THC to CBD ratio while sativa varieties tend to have a higher CBD to THC ratio.

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