The world is home to roughly 780 strains of cannabis. Naturally, some rank higher than others in terms of strength. Whether you’re using medicinal marijuana to tackle blood pressure or you’re battling anxiety, you may want to find the strongest one to maximise the drug’s effects. By learning more about the strongest marijuana strains, you gain greater control over your experience, and you become empowered to make better purchasing decisions.

Before you choose a strain, always remember that the THC concentrations aren’t guaranteed. Instead of letting THC levels act as an influencing factor, try to focus on the experience you’re seeking.

Fat Banana

With a fruity taste and a startling THC concentration of 25%, Fat Banana isn’t for the faint-hearted. The high is powerful, so you may not want to try it if you’re new to using marijuana. However, if you can handle Fat Banana’s high, you’ll find that it’s a particularly reliable treatment for anxiety.

It’s worth noting that Fat Banana’s CBD content is low. As such, it might not be appropriate for some medical conditions. It’s an excellent appetite stimulant if you’re struggling to eat, plus it can ease you into a soothing sleep when you’re suffering from insomnia.

Strawberry Banana

As if Fat Banana’s THC content wasn’t impressive enough, its close relative Strawberry Banana comes with a concentration of 31.62%. It’s hybrid of Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush. Its high THC content means it’s only suitable for advanced users. Should you choose to use it, you’ll find that your sensory awareness sharpens. It’s an excellent adjunct for getting your creative juices flowing, plus it can induce an unbeatable sense of relaxation.

With its sweet and fruity flavour, Strawberry Banana is appealing for anyone who considers themselves to be a marijuana connoisseur. Its strength may also make it useful for pain relief, which is excellent news for anyone who wants to avoid using prescription medications.

Green Gelato

As one of the strongest marijuana strains to come out of California, Green Gelato was originally developed in San Francisco. It has a slightly complex palette and produces flavours such as mint, cookies, and bubblegum. Thanks to its 25% THC content, it’s another strong contender for keeping anxiety away. Although it promotes a state of relaxation, it still has an uplifting feel to it that allows you to function as normal.

Green Gelato is 45% Satica and 55% Indica. The high is clear and physical. You may hear some people refer to the strain as Lady Bird. If you’re seeking marijuana that allows you to carry on with your daily routine, Green Gelato may be right for you.

White Tahoe Cookies

Although White Tahoe Cookies has a soothing effect, your initial response will come with a slight buzz. It has a THC content of 27% and is an excellent way to treat minor pain. Its earthy and pine flavours make it particularly popular amongst those who don’t like their cannabis to taste sweet. However, there is still a slight sweet undertone that’s relatively subtle.

As one of the strongest marijuana strains for promoting happiness, White Tahoe Cookies could prove useful if you’re suffering from depression. Its potent THC content should prompt you to start small and build your way up as your tolerance progresses.


As a strain of marijuana that was created in Colorado, Hulkberry has a THC concentration of 28%. It was first developed after the state legalised medical cannabis use, and it remains a firm favourite with fans from around the world today. In many respects, Hulkberry has a cult following. Once you try it, there’s a strong chance you’ll make it a regular part of your routine.

If you’re looking for a strain that’ll help you relieve feelings of anxiety without draining you of your energy, Hulkberry is it. As the 2014 winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup, it delivers an impressive experience time after time. Despite its high THC content, the effects are fairly mild. It’s ideal for escaping from stressful feelings, and you’ll still find functioning as normal is easy throughout your high.

Irish Cream

Much like the drink that revellers tend to enjoy at Christmas, Irish Cream is smooth and easy to enjoy. The THC strength is 27%, but the experience of using it isn’t overwhelming. The original creator stated that they wanted to produce a strain that would help people melt and mellow a little. Fortunately, Irish Cream achieves exactly that.

With a slightly dark flavour, Irish Cream is particularly popular amongst those who want to treat chronic pain conditions. Many users find it delivers relief from depression and anxiety. As you enter a state of relaxation, you may find that your focus dips. As such, Irish Cream is probably a strain that you should use only at night.

Amnesia Haze

As one of the most popular hybrids to stem from the Netherlands, Amnesia Haze has potent psychedelic effects. The THC strength rests at 22%, and there are medium levels of CBD in there too. As one of the strongest marijuana strains to give a full head high, Amnesia Haze isn’t for beginners. If you do have some experience in using medical marijuana, you’ll likely find it useful for increasing your levels of happiness and inducing a sense of euphoria.

This strain of marijuana is ideal for when you want to remain sociable after trying it. As it is psychedelic, it’s wise to avoid driving after using it. When using it for the first time, try to track how long you experience the effects for so you can schedule your use responsibly in future.


Although Chedawg features a blend of Nepalese and Thai sativa, it was originally developed in Denver. Its heavy THC content of 32% makes it particularly popular amongst members of the artistic community. As one of the strongest marijuana strains to deliver a truly cerebral high, it can help carry you through feelings of stress.

In terms of non-cerebral effects, Chewdawg appears to aid muscle relaxation. As a result, you could find it useful when you’re battling against an injury or if you have a condition such as a frozen shoulder. As with any cannabis strain that produces a heavy high, make sure you don’t use Chewdawg just before driving.

Godfather OG

When it comes to the world’s strongest marijuana strains, many will claim that Godfather OG is the king of them all. Godfather OG has won the Cannabis Cup High Times Award for being the best Indica strain. It has a THC content of 34%, and its effects are potent to say the least. Many of those who use it claim that they experience a full-body high that requires them to stay in one place until the effects wear off.

From insomnia through to chronic pain, this California-born cannabis can be used for all kinds of medical ailments. Within a few minutes of using it, you’ll experience a relaxing sleepiness that helps you ease into a wonderful night of slumber. It has a delightful spicy taste, too, making it popular amongst those who prefer their marijuana to be a little edgy rather than sweet.

Bruce Banner

Just as the name suggests, this strong marijuana strain has Hulk-like effects. Although it won’t induce a sense of rage and make you grow terrifying muscles, you will go through an enjoyable personal transformation. If you want to feel happier, boost your appetite, and become a little more driven, Bruce Banner is right for you.

The THC content is 29%, and the effects will hit you quickly. In addition to driving your brain into a state of ease, it’ll help you achieve full-body relaxation. This makes it especially popular amongst people who are managing a pain condition and have insomnia as a result.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Although the name may seem like it’s a bit of a mouthful, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies proves popular with users worldwide. We can only assume it attained its namesake as a result of how moreish it is. Once you try it, you’ll be itching to get more.

With a THC content that ranges between 17 and 28%, it’s manageable for a lot of users. Although it creates a relaxing sensation, you’ll also feel euphoric, confident, and ready to face the world. As a result, it could prove useful for conditions such as social anxiety. In addition to its minty notes, it delivers a smooth experience from start to finish.

Red Dragon

When you want to feel powerful and confident, Red Dragon is one of the better marijuana strains to try. Much like its namesake, it creates feelings of excitement and joy. Rumour has it that it was originally named Red Dragon when its creators spotted the vibrant red flowers budding off it. With its earthy and flowery tones, it’s certainly a joy to use.

It’s probably worth noting that Red Dragon isn’t for you if you’re prone to anxiety. Although it’s one of the more popular strongest marijuana strains, it is known for causing paranoia. If you’re looking for something to manage anxious feelings, look elsewhere.

Sour Diesel

One of the biggest perils associated with chasing a happy high is that you may find yourself tied to your couch for the day. Sour Diesel overcomes all that by providing a state of euphoria while allowing users to remain functional. Its name comes from the unmistakable earthy-diesel smell, so don’t assume that it’s an indicator of a bad-tasting product. As a Sativa-dominant strain, it gives you an energising feeling that you’ll want to experience again and again.

The biggest perk of Sour Diesel is the way it boosts your appetite. If you’re suffering from a poor appetite for any reason, this strain could solve your problems. Unsurprisingly, it’s been a popular choice amongst medical patients since the 1990s.

Death Star

Despite its name, Death Star isn’t as foreboding as it sounds. It’s a slow-acting strong marijuana strain that’ll help you kiss goodbye to feelings of unease and stress. Once it kicks in, its Indica-heavy effects may leave you feeling as though you want to zone out for a while. As a result, Death Star is one of the strongest marijuana strains you’ll want to use indoors.

As a marijuana strain that hails from Ohio, Death Star is great for both day and nighttime use. Because it can leave you feeling incredibly floaty, you may want to avoid using it if you have anything important to do.

White Widow

At its best, White Widow has a mindblowing THC content of 35%. Most of the time, you’ll experience it at around 13.5%. Its name comes from its white appearance and has no associations with the strain being deadly. As a sensory-heightening form of cannabis, it’ll leave you feeling chattier than usual, which is excellent if you’re suffering from shyness or social anxiety.

Like many cult classics, White Widow proves popular in cafes in the Netherlands. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your creativity, it may be the perfect choice for you.


Although it’s named after the country, Jamaican doesn’t actually stem from Jamaica. Its origins are in India, and it’s a strong marijuana strain that’s remained popular since the mid-19th century. Today, it continues to delight users who are seeking medicinal effects. It’ll leave you feeling talkative and sociable, without making you too giggly.

You may enjoy Jamaican if you prefer your cannabis to have a gentle smell. It has one of the least striking scents around, making it ideal for when you need a little discretion. Despite being one of the strongest marijuana strains around, its effects are subtle. As such, you can enjoy it whether you’re a beginner or a veteran seeking a mild experience.

As the world of marijuana evolves, stronger strains may hit the market yet. Before choosing yours, always consider its effects and what you’re trying to treat. While some prove infinitely useful for anxiety, they may not convey the same benefits for depression. With a little experimentation, you’ll discover a strong marijuana strain that ticks all the right boxes.