Like many businesses across the country, the majority of dispensary owners and decision makers in the marijuana industry are predominantly male. But with so many women that would like their voices heard on topics concerning marijuana, females require an outlet to voice their frustrations and views regarding cannabis. Fortunately, a group is making an effort to assist women with any questions they have about the marijuana business. Find out why more and more women are getting into the cannabis industry and what one organization is doing to assist these females in achieving their goals.

Women making an impact

With the goal of making the marijuana industry as diverse as its customer base, Denver based Women Grow is looking to empower women with the tools necessary to survive in a busy cannabis marketplace. Offering assistance to female entrepreneurs hoping to find their footing in the marijuana industry, Women Grow provides guidance from females with experience in the business. Receiving support from major players in the cannabis industry, Women Grow has seen a significant boost in membership and will hit 60 members by the spring.

Since the number of women involved in the planning and operation of marijuana businesses is far less than males holding power, Women Grow aims to arm females with the information, network and tools to fully realize their cannabis dreams. Through networking events and meetings, Women Grow strives to forge strong business relationships with veterans and newcomers in the cannabis industry.

Coming together to make a difference

Bringing together the brightest minds in the marijuana industry, Women Grow has helped a number of inexperienced cannabis entrepreneurs find their footing. Offering guidance in the form of contacts, funding tips and information about the industry, Women Grow looks to shape the state of marijuana to heavily rely on the opinions and views of females.

With success at events like the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Women Grow is gaining supporters by the day. If you are interested in learning more about the cannabis industry from women with years of experience, visit for more information.

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