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Here are some tips for storing marijuana so that it will maintain its potency and so that it does not become contaminated by bacteria or molds.

Proper Medical Marijuana Storage Techniques

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia now permit the medical use of cannabis plants. Possession limits and specific guidelines for use vary greatly from state to state. Oregon is one of those states, so it is possible to buy medical marijuana in Portland with the proper credentials. For patients who use marijuana to treat symptoms or conditions that only manifest intermittently, one question that arises frequently is: How long can marijuana be stored? Here are some tips for the proper marijuana storage.

Heat, Humidity, and Light Can Damage Cannabis

Like any other plant material, cannabis is susceptible to bacterial and mold contamination, particularly if it is kept in a warm, moist place. Lower temperatures and humidity will also slow the degradation of the psychoactive parts of the plant, which are responsible for most of its therapeutic effects. If the air is too dry, however, your cannabis can lose its potency. Light also has a deleterious effect on psychoactive cannabinoids. Experts advise that cannabis be stored at a temperature below 75° Fahrenheit and at a relative humidity under 65%.

Forget the Baggie, and Reach for a Mason Jar

Many people store their marijuana in plastic baggies and leave them in their freezers. This is not an optimal cannabis storage system. A typical freezer is set to 0° F. At this temperature, the active trichomes in your cannabis are likely to become stiff and brittle, and break off. Plastic baggies also generate static, which can also have a negative effect on the potency of your medical marijuana. A better alternative for storing your medical cannabis is putting it into an airtight Mason jar or an empty pill container that has a tight seal, and storing it in the refrigerator, or another cool, dark place.

Proper Storage Helps Your Marijuana Last

Buying medical marijuana an ounce at a time may allow you to take advantage of cost savings. Intelligent storage is important, though, if you want to protect the potency of your medical marijuana for as long as possible.