What is Medical Marijuana?

The term “Medical marijuana” essentially just refers to cannabis that’s been prescribed by a doctor. If a medical professional grants you a medical marijuana card to aid with a particular condition, then you’ll be able to obtain it from a medical cannabis dispensary. Cannabis as a medicine has not been rigorously tested at present, mainly because of government regulations in place. Currently, half of the US states have legalised medical marijuana in some form, and others are potentially following suit. However, since the FDA haven’t approved it as a method of treatment, studies are still lacking as to its effectiveness. What ...

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The Shango Medical Cannabis Treatment Guide

Many people, who are considering cannabis as a medical treatment, have asked us to help simplify their research and help make their decisions a little easier. So, we’ve created a handy Treatment Guide that lists many of the medical conditions for which cannabis treatments are currently being prescribed. It also shows which of the main chemical compounds found in cannabis actively contribute to its effectiveness in treating these conditions. Our Treatment Guide doesn’t tell the full story of the Power of the Plant™ or conclusively prove that medicinal cannabis is an appropriate treatment for what ails you. But it’s a good ...

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How Much Marijuana Should I Consume?

When it comes to medicine, different medication dosages have varying effects on patients. Some people can take ten times what another person consumes and not feel any effects of the medicine. This is also true for marijuana, which is why it is important to keep in mind how much marijuana you are consuming whenever partaking in products containing cannabis. Here are some tips on finding your appropriate marijuana dosage so you can properly enjoy the effects and benefits that come from consuming marijuana. Listen to your doctor The easiest method for finding out exactly how much cannabis you should consume is to ...

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Medical Benefits of Marijuana

While some people may not approve of the use of marijuana, there is no denying that it has helped thousands of individuals deal with a variety of diseases and symptoms. It can be easy to forget that medical marijuana is viewed as a medicine, which is why it’s important to understand the many health benefits that can come from cannabis. Here are some of the top diseases, disorders and ailments that can be alleviated with the use of marijuana. Cannabis and pain One of the primary reasons that patients use medical marijuana is to deal with pain they are facing as a ...

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