Portland, OR – The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has announced that Green Mile Enterprises, a Shango Premium Cannabis-affiliated processor, is one of only eight processors approved to process and transfer extracts, edibles and concentrates to medical dispensaries in the state of Oregon.


Shango was green-lighted by the OHA the same day it staged the promotional launch for Tommy Chong’s Cannabis brand of cannabis products.


Tommy Chong, the famous actor, director, writer and Grammy Award-winning comedic icon visited Shango in person last Saturday. He appeared in-store most of the day to commemorate the occasion and sign autographs for his fans.


Tommy Chong’s Cannabis products are now sold in all five Shango stores exclusively in Oregon.


Shango also will offer three of Tommy Chong’s Cannabis trademark flower varieties including Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. Tommy Chong’s Cannabis popular, all natural, lab-certified hybrid pre-rolls, packaged in a carton of five, will be offered at all Shango locations in coming weeks.


For more information about Tommy Chong’s Cannabis and Shango Premium Cannabis, please visit GoShango.com.


About Shango

Based in Portland, Oregon, Shango is a premium cannabis brand offering a full range of award-winning cannabis products including flowers, concentrates and cannabis-infused specialties. Prepared for prominence as an industry leader in premium cannabis, Shango upholds the utmost levels of product quality and consistency, and business practices and cannabis industry standards. Shango is a member of the Portland Business Alliance and a committed advocate for education on the safe and responsible use of cannabis products.


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