With the growing legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use, a number of new trends have started to arise globally which aim to position cannabis as an everyday part of people’s lifestyles.  From luxury cannabis products to marijuana food trucks and cannabis tasting events, there are several emerging trends that have started to take hold.

The cannabis industry is gaining increased momentum, helped along by the rise of marijuana legalization for both medical and recreational use.  As time passes, so too has confidence around its use and now there are not only new and creative ways to consume the product, but also new and creative ways to market it aswell – introducing it into people’s lifestyle quite seamlessly.

For example, consumers are now able to buy high-end marijuana products and partake in cannabis-infused food at cannabis food trucks.  Here are a few emerging cannabis trends that you might want to check out:

  1. Cannabis Tourism
    Marijuana tourism not only aims to provide and promote more insight into the industry itself but there is also a growing interest in people wanting to visit and vacation to places whereby they may enjoy and consume their cannabis more openly. Generally, cannabis laws can be confusing and even some of the more progressive states – such as Colorado, will slap you with a hefty fine for openly smoking marijuana in public. A number of sites have set about to lift some of this confusion, providing insight on where to stay (to enjoy cannabis within your accommodation), where to purchase your marijuana and where cannabis meetups and events may be occurring.
  2. Cannabis Food Trucks
    The food truck craze and emerging cannabis market have continued to spread across the nation, and now, the two have decided to combine forces for an optimal experience in both departments.   Chow down on some peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, or even pulled pork that contains THC-infused oil, butter, or cheese.
  3. Cannabis and Athleticism
    As cannabis has continued to gain popularity around the world, several pro-athletes have become advocates for cannabis, attributing an improvement in their performance to cannabis use. Cannabis also aids the athletes in recovering from pain and injuries faster, making it a growing marijuana trend in the industry – albeit one which needs to be considered responsibly.
  4. Celebrity Endorsements
    As more and more people openly promote the use of cannabis, celebrities are releasing their own marijuana-based products and some cannabis companies are even stepping up to sponsor celebrities. Recently, Shango announced that it will become the first ever cannabis sponsor in the history of FORMULA DRIFT. Shango will now be the core sponsor for FORMULA DRIFT driver and Las Vegas local, Danny George.
  5. Luxury Cannabis
    For those of you who enjoy the finer things in life, luxury cannabis is a marijuana trend that is sure to grab your attention. As a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in the industry, luxury marijuana aims to provide cannabis users with an experience rather than just a product. A few luxury cannabis products include gourmet French pastries, luxury chocolate bars, and specialized teas.
  6. Cannabis Tastings
    Beer tastings, wine tastings, and even food tastings are a common occurrence in cities around the country, so, why not cannabis tastings, too? Cannabis tastings offer a similar experience as any other tasting, allowing consumers to taste products and gain valuable knowledge about the different products available and what purpose they serve.
  7. Synthetic Cannabinoids and Big Pharma
    One key cannabis trend to watch out for is the collaboration with big pharma as they work to fight the opioid epidemic plaguing our nation. More and more people are becoming addicted to opioids as a search for pain relief, however, that is a highly addictive drug class. Instead, cannabinoids are continuing to gain popularity as a viable medicinal product which could treat pain and help fight off the opioid addictions.

Whether you are new to marijuana and its uses or an advocate of both its recreational or medicinal usage, cannabis is starting to hit mainstream in a big way.  Explore the range of marijuana products which Shango has on offer today or find your nearest dispensary online for high quality concentrates, edibles, topicals, flowers and more. Don’t forget to head on over and check out our celebrity endorsed strand – Tommy Chong’s Cannabis!