The challenges of doing business in VICE CITY

A brand new industry will start operating in Oregon on the first day of October — legal recreational marijuana sales to adults. Although approved by the voters at the 2014 General Election, recreational marijuana sales are still controversial. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and Oregon is one of only four states to legalize it for recreational use. The Gresham City Council recently voted to ban it. But last Wednesday morning, at the Portland Business Alliance’s monthly breakfast forum, selling recreational marijuana sounded much the same as selling craft beer and distilled spirits. It featured a panel including representatives from all ...

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Some of the Most Common Marijuana Benefits

Medical marijuana has a variety of uses for those who are suffering from medical ailments. Even those who do not have an existing condition will be able to enjoy some of the following health benefits that come from using recreational marijuana. The Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana There are many medical cannabis dispensaries in Portland that possess a wide range of cannabis products. The products that are sold are cultivated to provide users with a variety of benefits, but many individuals may not know about the medicinal effects that medical marijuana can have. By learning about the healthy effects that come with ...

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Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon

Follow these steps to receive your Portland marijuana medical card, and you could be shopping for high-quality infused products soon. How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon Obtaining your Portland medical marijuana card should be an easy process as long as you complete the basic steps that are required from each Oregon applicant. Failure to follow the procedures correctly could cause your application to be rejected. If you follow the steps listed below, the process should not only be easy to understand but also go as smoothly as possible. After receiving your card, you could begin shopping at one ...

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Why Edibles Are the Best Way to Ingest the THC or CBD in Marijuana

Traditionally, the effects of cannabis are achieved through smoking. Now, edibles offer a delicious twist for consumers of medical marijuana. Why Edibles Are the Preferred Choice of Cannabis Consumers Throughout history, marijuana has been ingested for its medicinal and recreational benefits. Modern use has made it a common practice to infuse foods with the active chemicals in cannabis in order to offer a more pleasing experience. Edibles taste better, offer stronger effects, last longer and are a healthier choice for ingestion. As the popularity of cannabis use increases, more and more edibles make their way onto the scene. Edibles Taste Much Better Because edibles ...

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